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March 31, 2022

Welcome to our inaugural annual report!  The Combat Control Foundation (CCF) was established September 2018, however our operations really took off in mid-2021.  We are very proud of what CCF accomplished in less than a year, which would not have been possible without our committed and hard-working Board of Directors, volunteers and donors.  Thank You each and every one of you!

In this report, you will briefly see the initial capacity we have assembled and accomplishments for 2021, as well as some insight into what's planned for 2022.  It's important to note these accomplishments were from an intrinsic partnership with the Combat Control Association (CCA).  While CCF is evolving quickly, our strategy is to progress in a symbiotic way with the CCA.  CCA provides the voice of the Combat Control Community (e.g., what are the Community's needs) and CCF is here to provide solutions for the Community.  Beginning in 2022, there will be more of a distinction between the two organizations, beginning with separate Boards of Directors; however, the new CCF Board has four CCA Directors appointed and fully participating to ensure the voice of the Combat Control Community is always engaged.  The new Directors on the CCF Board all come with a breadth and depth of skills CCF needs to be credible and grow and have already been a help as we've begun 2022.  We welcome our new Board members and look forward to our work together. 

In 2021 and collaborating with CCA, CCF raised $760,000 in donations and provided $126,240 in support for a variety of needs. In 2022, CCF began an investment fund to build for the future.  The needs are never ending, and we need to be prepared for when crises hit.  While CCF is small compared to similar foundations, we are off to a tremendous start in less than a year and intend to continue growing.  

In talking with past and present Combat Controllers (CCT) and their families who needed help, the discussions are not always easy, especially for people who have lived their lives with an ethos of completing the mission themselves no matter what.  It takes courage to ask for help and those we have been able to help have my utmost respect for taking those courageous steps.  

What a privilege it is to be serving the CCT Community.  You can see from the numbers included here CCF has already been providing support, but it's not just about dollars.  We helped people in our Community -- we helped our own.  These opportunities to facilitate help have been amazingly rewarding.  However, it is very important our donors know these support accomplishments are because of the support you provided.  You made a difference in our people's lives!


CCF provides care and support for the Combat Control Community (i.e., Combat Controllers and their families) and other members of the military community through programs defined by the Foundation or in partnership with similar charitable organizations.



Doing the right things


Doing those things right


Keeping stakeholders informed and the Foundation accountable


Protecting the privacy of donors and those we serve



Michael Lamonica, CMSgt (Ret), USAF (CCT)

Michael West, CMSgt (Ret), USAF (CCT)

Bernie Oder, MSgt (Ret), USAF (CCT)

Mark Nevatt (CCT)

Kyle Stanbro, MSgt (Ret), USAF (CCT)

Chris Larkin, LtCol (Ret), USAF (CCT)

Johnnie Yellock, SSgt (Ret), USAF (CCT)


Gwyn Armfield, BGen (Ret), USAF (CCT)

Christopher Crouch

John McCracken

Christopher Messina

Javier Trujillo (CCT)

Michael Lamonica, CMSgt (Ret), USAF (CCT)

Mark Nevatt (CCT)

Bernie Oder, MSgt (Ret), USAF (CCT)

Kyle Stanbro, MSgt (Ret), USAF (CCT)

Honorary Director

David Goldfein, Gen (Ret), USAF

David Goldfein, Gen (Ret), USAF

Former Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force


Cole Hauser

Cole Hauser

American Actor

Program Areas

Justin Day - Chuck Edwards


Crisis and pre & post deployment support through transition and beyond


Helping fill the gaps for CCT and family members to support good mental & physical health

Mark Forester


Helping family members in self-improvement through academic education and trade training

Jack Fanning - Alcide Benini


Maintain CCT history and carry forward the achievements and qualities of Combat Control  

MSgt Justin James -- One of our Own

"In 2013, I broke my ankle on a night time freefall jump. Surgery fixed it. However, I suffered immense pain for eight years. After years of unsuccessful treatment, amputation was the next step.

The night before surgery, a tornado hit our property and destroyed our home. With my wife, Ashley, and our five children, displaced in a hotel, and me in the hospital, the Combat Control Foundation and Combat Control Association partnered to support us with hotel expenses. The CCF/CCA leaders continued to call for updates on my family and me. 

While attending a CCF fundraiser, three very generous donors committed personal time and energy to help us. They located and donated a tractor to enable us to cultivate our land. The generosity was/is overwhelming. The “Friends of Combat Control” network is remarkable.

With our home being repaired, we are on our way to normalcy. Maintaining our 37-acre ranch is more difficult now. The Foundation and Association came through again by helping us acquire a Polaris Ranger. The CCF/CCA is an amazing combination led by dedicated people who sincerely care for the brotherhood of Combat Control and their families. They’ve blessed my family. I cannot thank them enough. First There, HOORAH!”

Justin James

“Wow, what these guys do for the ones who truly need it most. Not only helping Combat Controllers, but also their family. God bless these amazing organizations.”

Ashley James

Mark Forester Scholarships

As an enlisted CCT with a bachelor’s degree, Mark believed strongly in education and set an example for all others to follow and his ideal is captured through the presentation of this scholarship by helping others further their academic endeavors.  The Mark Forester Scholarships are for CCT family members to assist in their self-improvement and advancement through academic education or trade training.

In honor of Senior Airman Mark Forester and his sacrifice, and in close collaboration with the Combat Control Association, the CCF is proud to present these annual scholarships to deserving family members.

2021 Honorees

Jesse Dunn

Bachelor's Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Alexis Grove

Bachelor's Degree: Nursing

Faith Jennrich

Bachelor's Degree: Elementary Education

Landon Pittman

Associate Degree: Biology

Program Partners

CCF is proud to work with other benevolent organizations to support our Community.

Combat Control Association (CCA)


Statement of Financial Position*

As of December 31, 2021

  Total Bank Accounts$648,373.74
  Total Other Current Assets $0.00
TOTAL ASSETS$648,373.74
  Total Liabilities$1,172.61
  Net Assets$27,751.42
  Net Revenue$619,449.71
  Total Equity$647,201.13

*Financial results to be audited during 2022.

Ahead for 2022 (and Beyond)

We are at the earliest steps of a very long journey.  With the help of some very generous benefactors, we are off to a good start; however, we want to reach a point in the future where we are self-sustaining.  Achieving such an ambitious goal requires a great deal of work every year, but we are confident we can achieve it.  Along this journey, we will achieve incremental goals.

CCF's programs will grow along this journey.  Where we do not have capacity to directly help our Community, we will partner with other organizations to do so.  We have already taken such steps with Project One Vet @ a Time (POVAT) and the PJ Foundation.  We will work with others along this journey, build our own capacity or combine with others' capacity when it makes sense. 

The program areas are where CCF delivers its services and helps our Community.  However, to be a credible organization there is a great deal of back office and behind the scenes work needed to pass muster with our stakeholders.  CCF will work hard, based on our principles, to be accountable, credible and transparent.  As time goes on, CCF will be very highly rated among those organizations who review and rate charitable organizations such as ours.  CCF will be a leader based on nonprofit industry performance metrics (e.g., low overhead costs) and audited.

We have had some good opportunities to help those who were not CCT but had spent a significant part (or most) of their careers supporting CCT.  It was our privilege to help them and we will continue to do so in the future.

We recognize there is an opportunity over the next two years to significantly improve the public's recognition of Combat Control and we will be laser focused on improving this recognition and our Community's needs.  We will need the help of a great many people in and outside our Community to increase the recognition of Combat Control and CCF, so the call is going out.  We have had a tremendous response from our early benefactors who were unaware of Combat Control but are happy they've learned about us and want to help.  We are very grateful for this support.  For those in our Community, we need your support to tell your and our story.  Please let us know if you'd like to help.

In the words of Chief Master Sergeant (Retired) Mike Lamonica, "No one takes care of us better than us"  CCF will prove this every year.  Thank You for your support.

John Chapman MOH memorial salute


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